Investing in content marketing without a well-defined web content strategy in place is like diving into the ocean with no swimming skills. Things in the digital world change by the minute, and if you're following the same tactics from 10 years ago, chances are you're not seeing the desired effect.

More often than not, content without purpose ends up being confusing or generic and rarely offers enough value to rank organically. To build a conversion funnel that yields the best possible results you need to know what you're doing, why you're doing it, and how to do it right.

Hence, it's wise to have an up-to-date overarching plan to coordinate all efforts and help your brand grow sustainably.

From the types of content you should be producing to how you address your target audience and the frequency of your posts, a calculated course of action will ensure that every communication with your prospects is purposeful and meaningful.

Our Web Content Strategy Services

There's no point in putting out content without a well-thought-through strategy that will align all your efforts. We'll inspect your target audience to establish your reader personas, research industry insights to create a SWOT analysis, and examine your competitors and what they're doing that's working.

We then use all that data to map out a typical customer journey and define performance KPIs so that we can create the most effective customised plan for achieving your content marketing objectives. 

With specific guidelines, curating your branded content for your target audience and maintaining consistent communication across all channels is easier to achieve.

We'll work with you to create an all-inclusive editorial guide that conveys your brand's identity in terms of writing voice, tone, style, and grammar mechanics, along with relevant examples from your industry for easy discernibility.   

Avoid repetitive, inconsistent, and poor last-minute posts with a content calendar built around your digital content strategy, marketing campaigns, target audience's interests, and timely events.

We use advanced AI-powered tools to help us develop compelling topics and detailed outlines based on trending SEO keywords and industry insights that give your content the best chance to outshine your competitors. 

If your web content is underperforming, carrying out a content audit is an excellent place to start before investing more resources into practices that yield underwhelming results.

We'll thoroughly audit your existing website copy, content, and on-page SEO to identify problems, gaps, and opportunities for improvement or repurposing. This includes content aesthetics, grammar, voice consistency, keyword density & stuffing, internal & outbound links, and more.

Guest posting is an excellent link-building practice that increases brand awareness, boosts brand trust, and brings traffic to your site. All you have to do is publish branded content on popular websites whose audience matches yours.

We'll conduct research to gather a list of 15-20 recommended websites in your industry that accept guest blog posts with room for advertisement and create relevant pitches that editors will find hard to turn down. We're aiming for authoritative sites that will provide you with quality backlinks and introduce you to a bigger, lead-worthy crowd.

Our Approach To Content Marketing Strategy

We always begin with a discovery call, during which our content marketing strategist can get to know you better, understand your audience, and define your brand's value proposition. We then research your industry and similar-size competitors to gather insights on market share, threats, gaps, and preventable or beneficial practices.

Next comes profiling your reader personas and mapping out your customers' journey. Once we know who your prospects – and what their pain points – are, we can determine opportunities that will get you in front of the right people at the right time.

We'll establish what type of content you should be producing, the topics you should be covering, and the channels and tactics that work best for your business.

Acquiring new, high-quality leads requires an upfront investment, so it's crucial that your web content strategy also makes financial sense and is aligned with the resources you have at your disposal.

Of course, success is only achievable if we know how to measure it. That's why we set detailed objectives and specific KPIs, defining what success means to your business and ensuring you're putting the effort where it counts.

The end goal is a comprehensive, streamlined plan of coordinated actions that will establish a unified brand voice and help you deliver a top-notch customer experience.

Why Have A Web Content Strategy?

Choosing an ineffective approach could mean thousands of hours and money wasted on content tactics that bring no tangible results.

On the other hand, an insight-driven web content strategy will shed light on the right set of processes that will sustainably generate quality leads and position your brand for growth in the long term.

That said, building a content marketing strategy is no walk in the park, especially when your view isn't exactly impartial. It takes a great deal of time and research to determine what would impact your brand best and what deserves your investment.

A third-person perspective streamlines this process and provides you with a customised blueprint for your brand's journey to success.

Let's talk Strategy

Whether you're growing your brand, building it from scratch, launching a new product/service, or entering a new market, our goal is to guide you in the world of digital content and provide you with a detailed roadmap for climbing to the top.

Get in touch today to discuss ways in which we can help.


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