The Metaverse Content Lab was founded by two content specialists who…

...right, we all know how most About Us pages go.

So instead of boring you with the same old blah, blah, blah, let's skip to the good stuff.

We are Julie-Ann (think of the hyphen as practically redundant) from Ireland and Iolee (pronounced eye-oh-lee, in case you thought that was Lolee!), who is Greek-Bulgarian.

Since we met at the 'Digital Nomad Writing Club' a few years ago, our relationship has evolved from teacher-student to colleagues to business partners and friends.

We bonded over our love for content, travel and the environment.

Being a digital content specialist, Julie-Ann was more into ideas. Being a content strategist, Iolee was more into planning. By leaning into their superpowers, the perfect team was formed.

Co-Founders Julie-Ann and Iolee

Metaverse Content Lab was the beginning of an exciting adventure!

With our shared love for the environment and protecting our planet, we wanted to build a holistic agency making content marketing accessible to startups, fempreneurs, and any other eBusiness who share our values. We want to open the doors to the metaverse and web3 for our clients while promoting sustainability and environmentally sound practices. 

Although Iolee has retired from her digital nomad lifestyle to settle in Ireland, Julie-Ann is actively slow nomading, chasing sunsets all over Europe and Asia.

Iolee enjoys the lively cultural city of Cork with the rugged landscapes of the Wild Atlantic Way on her doorstep to hike and explore. Meanwhile, Julie-Ann's office location ranges from the turquoise waters of the Albanian Riviera to the futuristic skylines of Kuala Lumpur.

We firmly believe that it's your work that matters and not where you sit while doing it. That's why we work with talented people from all over the world who combine the freedom of remote work with doing the things that make them happy. 

After all, happy people produce better content. :)      

Our Content Values

As two content specialists with over 25 years of combined experience in content marketing for brands, our quality expectations are high.

We approach each client project with the same degree of diligence and dedication, and we're only satisfied once you are.

We follow a tested set of values that guide us through the process of creating the best possible content for your brand by:

  • Understanding the target audience

  • Researching the demographics we're writing for, where they e-hang out, what their pain points are, what gets them excited, and how they communicate

  • Leading with a strategy

  • Creating a roadmap and making cohesive decisions for achieving clear, specific, and data-backed objectives

  • Creating content with a clear purpose  

  • Producing content representing a brand's values, serving a specific goal and adding value to their prospects' lives

  • Optimising for search engines

  • Creating content and copy born to rank higher in search results, increase brand awareness and credibility & attract more sales

  • Employing streamlined and transparent processes 

  • Using project management platforms that allow our clients to monitor every stage of the process and rest easy knowing their content creation is in safe hands

Our Brand Principles

Metaverse Content Lab is a human-first agency that looks to the future for all who live on this planet. These fundamental principles define what we consider to be essential and worthwhile to our brand:



At Metaverse Content Lab, we want people to feel safe, secure and fairly treated.

Diversity, gender equality and treating each colleague, partner or client with the same amount of respect sit at the heart of our approach. No exceptions.

Every individual or organisation has a duty to protect the environmental integrity of our planet and tackle the climate emergency in any sustainable way they can.

At the Metaverse Content Lab, we offer a Do-Good discount and work with clients who share our eco-sustainable values.



Ethically doing business with like-minded people is key to our operations. We set fair prices based on the value we believe we can bring and may choose to turn down a client if we disagree morally with the business they conduct (e.g. fast fashion). 

We work in a collaborative, supportive environment to deliver a human brand experience to serve our clients' best interests. We believe in understanding people, not selling to them. We support brands on their content journey with educational materials & courses. 


We only take on projects we believe in and work with clients who understand the value of captivating content. We like to work with clients who trust us and give us space to experiment while challenging us and keeping us sharp.

We believe in building personal and lasting relationships based on trust, respect and sincere communication.


We want eBusiness owners to feel empowered from working with us and more in control of growing their brands.

We also believe in sharing practical skills and knowledge with young marketers through our career development initiatives.


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