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Plant Parents To Follow To Get Some Of The Best Tips

November 14, 20234 min read

Plant Parents To Follow To Get Some Of The Best Tips

Lifestyle Collective November 14, 2023

By Audrey Tan

The benefits of having plants in the home are endless. Especially if you live in an area lacking greenery. It’s an excellent way to liven up your home and bring a little bit of nature indoors to create a calm and soothing environment. Plants can also help you to breathe better, enhancing oxygen levels and purifying the air for asthma and allergy sufferers.  

But as someone who’s never owned a plant, the idea of being a plant parent was initially daunting. I wanted to turn my home into a green sanctuary, but I didn’t know where to begin!

Thankfully, there are plenty of plant-obsessed accounts to follow on Instagram. So like any other millennial these days, I turned to the hashtag #plantsofinstagram for some plantspiration! 

For all my fellow plant parents out there, I’ve put together this list of plantfluencers to follow on the ‘gram for aesthetically pleasing green content. Read on for some of my favourites to follow on Instagram for all things plants, from gardening tips and hacks to unique decoration ideas for greenifying your home.

Plant Parents To Follow For The Best Gardening Tips


Since Darryl Cheng created the page House Plant Journal, his channel has grown substantially, and he’s answered thousands of questions on plant care. With 633k followers on Instagram and a gorgeous collection of plants in his home, he’s definitely the account to follow for the best tips on responsible plant parenthood. 

His main piece of advice is to never forget that plants are alive and that there must be a harmonious environment for them to grow and thrive. 


Kat is a proud plant mama from the UK who regularly posts about her many leafy children to celebrate their gorgeousness and uniqueness on her page @oneproudplantmama. She shares important updates on her plants alongside growing tips and advice. You can expect surprise appearances from her pet cats nestled among the foliage, which makes her page even more lively. 

From begonias to succulents to Monsteras, this page is a must-follow to learn from a plant enthusiast’s gardening journey.


Marcus Bridgewater is the proud plant parent behind @gardenmarcus. His page is THE place to turn to for wholesome plant content. Marcus uses his warm, lighthearted humour to teach people about plant care, intertwined with essential life lessons. 

If you’re looking for a calm, relaxing way to improve your plant knowledge, follow Marcus’s page now!


Most of us would be happy with an indoor garden, but Phoebe Cheong took it one step further—she created her own indoor jungle! Phoebe’s jungle proves that you don’t need a big space to have a lot of plants as she lives in her NYC apartment with her adorable cats. She always shares advice on how to keep indoor plants happy and flourishing, such as gardening tips for low-light apartments. 

Phoebe is a professional photographer, so even if you aren’t after any plant advice, her page is a must-follow to bless your feed with aesthetically pleasing moments. 


As an interior stylist and plant enthusiast, Hilton Carter’s home looks like a lush garden oasis – and he isn’t afraid to flaunt it. One of the things many new plant parents struggle with is plant placement. Yet, Carter manages to do it so effortlessly. His Instagram page is my go-to for styling tips, like using pedestals to highlight smaller, beautiful plants. 

Thanks to Carter’s advice, my home is beginning to have that zen ambience I want to achieve. 


As a self-proclaimed plant hoarder, Jolene Foliage is a dedicated plant mom with plenty of gardening experience under her belt. I personally love learning about new and exotic plants from her page, as her collection is made up of all kinds of foliage. 

She also shares details about the tools she uses, from greenhouse cabinets to humidifiers, helping you to give your plant-children the care they deserve!


Diana’s Instagram page is a leafy paradise where she shares her experiences as a plant mom, often giving valuable tips from which other plant parents can learn. Aside from her lovely home and garden, Diana has a greenhouse packed full of plants, so you know she’s serious about plant parenthood! 

Whether you’re a new plant parent or want to sharpen your skills and enhance your green thumb, Instagram is a good place for inspiration. My Instagram feed used to be a barren wasteland, but since following the pages above, my scrolling sessions have become a lot more rejuvenating! Plus, I get to learn different ways to care for my growing collection! 

If your space (or Instagram feed) is lacking a bit of life, check out the accounts I’ve included here and get inspired to create your own paradise at home. Warning: plant parenting can get really addictive, and soon you could be filling Insta with your leafy babies!

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