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Mastering Mental Wellness In 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

January 15, 20244 min read

Mastering Mental Wellness In 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Lifestyle Collective, January 15, 2024

By Iolee Anagnostopoulou

Have you ever experienced overwhelming feelings of stress or hopelessness? You’re not alone. Anxiety, the world’s most significant mental health problem, plagues an estimated 301 million people globally. Depression grips over 280 million people worldwide, primarily women. Shockingly, almost 800,000 lives are lost to suicide each year, making it the second leading cause of death among 15 to 29-year-olds.

The truth is, not everyone has a mental illness, but everyone has mental health — and it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows; it’s about how we feel psychologically at any given moment in life, good or bad. If we seek medical attention when we’re physically unwell, shouldn’t we also seek support when our emotional well-being takes a hit? 

Ignoring and stigmatising our psychological wellness can lead to more severe issues down the road and cause disruptions in all areas of our lives. 

In 2024, let’s prioritise our mental health and recognise that it’s a fundamental aspect of our overall well-being. Understanding symptoms and seeking the proper support can make a world of difference in our quest for mental equilibrium. 


Symptoms: Stress manifests in various ways, from tension and restlessness to sleep disturbances and irritability.

Tips: To release built-up stress, frequently engage in activities like meditation, yoga, exercising/stretching or deep breathing exercises. Talk about your feelings, do more of what makes you happy, and consult a therapist or counsellor if symptoms continue.


Social Anxiety

Symptoms: Social anxiety can cause excessive sweating, trembling, rapid heart rate, and fear of judgement/rejection in social situations.

Tips: Overcome social anxiety by challenging the probability of your worst-case scenarios, sharing your worries, and practising exposure therapy (gradually exposing yourself to social situations). Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is another effective approach.


Symptoms: Burnout often includes exhaustion, feelings of incompetence, reduced performance, and a sense of detachment from work or personal life.

Tips: To prevent or recover from burnout, establish clear boundaries between work and personal life, practice stress-reduction techniques, and consider career changes when necessary.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

Symptoms: Negative body image and persistent insecurities may lead to low self-esteem, unhealthy dieting, and obsessive self-scrutiny.

Tips: For battling BDD, seek the help of a therapist or counsellor specialising in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. They can help you challenge distorted thoughts, reframe negative perceptions about your body, and provide healthier coping strategies. 

Eating Disorders

Symptoms: Eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder, involve unhealthy relationships with food, body image, and weight. Warning signs include extreme dieting, bingeing, purging, or significant weight fluctuations.

Tips: Early intervention is crucial when dealing with an eating disorder, as these complex conditions can prove fatal. Reach out to an expert counsellor or therapist and address the specific disorder with a combination of medical intervention, nutritional guidance, and personalised therapy. 


Symptoms: Depression varies and can be subtle, high-functioning, hormonal, postpartum, or clinical. Watch out for mood swings, persistent sadness, fatigue, feelings of guilt and hopelessness, changes in appetite, and loss of interest in once-pleasurable activities.

Tips: Staying connected and leading a healthy lifestyle are the first steps to coping with depression. If you suspect negative thoughts are taking over, consult a mental health professional. Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Habits For Reinforcing Your Mental Health

Stop Doomscrolling: Break the habit of endlessly scrolling through negative news. Limit your screen time and focus on positive and uplifting content.

Ditch Toxic Positivity: It’s okay not to be okay. Don’t feel pressured to plaster on a smile when you’re struggling. Embrace your emotions and reach out for support.

Consume Mood-Boosting Foods: Dark chocolate and foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and flaxseed can help improve your mood.

Embrace Breathwork: Practise deep breathing exercises daily to reduce stress and anxiety. Breathing techniques like the 4-7-8 method can be very effective.

Explore Wellness Apps: Calm, Headspace, and BetterHelp are among the best-rated mental health and therapy apps, offering various resources and support services.

Remember, your emotions, struggles, and well-being are as valid as your physical needs. Stress, burnout, depression, etc., are all battles you don’t have to fight alone. By addressing those feelings and embracing positive change, you can start to navigate the challenges until you’re finally free of them. It’ll probably take some time, but hey, the prize is a healthier, happier you.  

So, as we move closer to the new year, let’s commit to taking care of our mental health just as we do our physical health. Seek help when needed, lean on your support network, and remember that you are never alone in your mental health journey. 

Share your tips and things that help you to stay mentally well in the comments below, and let’s make 2024 a year of improved mental wellness for us all, with one mindful step at a time!

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