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Some brown flowers

Five Beautiful Brown Flowers For Your Garden

November 07, 20234 min read

Five Beautiful Brown Flowers For Your Garden

Lifestyle Collective, November 7, 2023

By Audrey Tan

Brown is a colour that we often overlook when it comes to choosing plants for the garden. It seems most of us tend to gravitate towards more vibrant hues. Nevertheless, seasoned gardeners know that incorporating varying tones of brown is an excellent way to add warmth and create a cosy atmosphere. 

Brown tones can also help to balance the garden, tying everything together with neutral, earthy colours. And in some cultures, brown flowers symbolise nature, warmth, love, appreciation, and friendship. 

If you’ve been feeling like the aura in your garden is a little bit off, adding one or two brown plants might just be what it needs to bring some balance to it. Can’t think of any brown flowers or plants? Here are five beautiful ones to help you get started:

Brown Dahlia

No matter what shape, size, or colour they come in, Dahlias are fascinating. One of my favourites, the brown Dahlia, is perfect for warming up the garden. Also known as the “Black Beauty” or “Chocolate Sundae”, It gives off a unique colour. This flower typically has dark-red plants, bronze-brown to rusty maroon petals, and some have a bright golden centre bringing a little extra pop of colour. 

Overall, the brown Dahlia will add a deeper, darker colour to the garden. Plant a few or fill the entire area with Dahlias; you really can’t go wrong. They love being in the sun and are relatively low maintenance, making them a perfect choice for a busy person or a newbie gardener!


Marigolds come in various colours, but some varieties can be found chiefly or almost entirely in a maroon-like colour with subtle red undertones. They look stunning in the sun, and luckily, they love to bask in it all day. As a bonus, darker, brown-toned Marigolds attract birds, bees, and all kinds of pollinators. I’d suggest having a collection of them to create a buzzing ecosystem in the garden. 

Marigolds are another low-maintenance option that grows well with other types of plants, including vegetables such as broccoli, eggplant, squash and kale. Moreover, many gardeners swear that they have the ability to repel pests and harmful nematodes, protecting their neighbouring plants. See, they are not just pretty, but are also very useful.

Tropical Hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscuses require a little bit more attention than the first two flowers in this list. They need moist but well-draining soil for optimal growth—but you will be rewarded with a gorgeous year-round bloom. The trumpet-shaped flowers can grow up to 6 inches in diameter and are typically light pink or mauve with brown undertones. They put on a dramatic display with their protruding stamens and glossy leaves. 

Aside from their soil needs, they’re pretty easy to care for. Tropical hibiscus plants are commonly grown as perennial garden plants in regions with warmer climates. Although they prefer sunny environments, they can also thrive in partial shade, making them suitable as houseplants too.

Absalon Tulip

Found in the 1780s, the Absalon Tulip is the oldest of its kind. With a rich pattern consisting of dark chocolate swirls and yellow strokes, it gives off a pretty purplish-brown tone with hints of gold when admired from afar. 

Absalon Tulips thrive in rich, well-drained soil and require an average amount of watering, even less during hotter months. These brown tulips are a great addition to your garden and look even better in a vase in your home. 

Boat Orchid

Gardeners love Boat Orchids for adding character to the garden; plus, they’re easy to care for. The Boat Orchid’s flower centre is shaped like a cup or boat, giving the plant its nickname. The “boat” is surrounded by a collection of separate petals which come in various colours, such as white, yellow, orange, pinkish-to-white, and brown. 

Aside from the flower itself, the long and plentiful leaves of the Boat Orchid add to the dramatic character of the plant. In terms of care, these Orchids prefer warm temperatures during the day and cooler temperatures during the nighttime. They need a good amount of sunlight, making them a good choice for your outdoor garden. 

Brown plants have a bad name because seeing this colour in the garden often indicates that something is wrong. Hopefully, this post has changed your perspective! 

Now that you know more about them, don’t you think naturally brown flowers deserve a spot to shine in your garden? Another benefit of having them is that you can have fresh, gorgeous brown flowers to decorate the home and gift to your loved ones all year round. 

Brown flowers have warm, earthy tones that stand out easily against a sea of green and exude a warm, cosy feeling. Try planting a few in the garden; we guarantee you’ll want to spend more time in it.

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