A Beginner’s Guide To Female-led Relationships


By Brazen Edwards

You may have heard of the term “female-led relationships” or FLR as it’s commonly known, but what exactly does that mean? Is it simply a dynamic where the woman wears the pants in the family, or is there more to it?For some women in heterosexual relationships, life can get complicated due to uneven power dynamics and the distribution of emotional labour between men and women. Or worse, some partners use weaponised incompetence to escape the day-to-day obligations of running a household and raising a family.

Thankfully relationships are evolving and becoming more equal. However, issues such as uneven finances (like the pay gap) and household gender expectations still disadvantage women.

With that in mind, female-led relationships look to create a collaborative stance where women are on equal footing or take a lead role traditionally occupied by men. While there are varying degrees of control, it has expanded…

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