Where Are We Going With TikTok Reporting?


By Audrey Tan

As our attention spans continue to dwindle, social media has become the go-to outlet for “reading the news”. In a 2021 Pew Research survey, about half of adults in the US say they get their news from social media platforms.

TikTok, particularly, is on the rise to becoming a source of information for people of all ages, particularly our younger generations.

Tik-Tok As A Source Of News

Nearly 40% of Gen Z-ers use TikTok and Instagram as alternative search engines. Because of this, plenty of news stories are making their way onto these platforms, often intertwined with fake news, misinformation, and conspiracy theories.

There’s no mindlessly browsing memes and cat videos these days without scrolling past some tragedy happening in some part of the world. While it is good to stay informed, this proliferation of “unofficial” reports is proving to do more harm than good.

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