We Examine Disney’s First Plus-Size Female Protagonist 


By Brazen Edwards

Disney princesses are beautiful, fearless, good-hearted women but often wafer-thin. At the same time, historically, bigger characters in Disney films either serve as comic relief or villains in sharp visual contrast to their skinny protagonists. Although there have been many plus-sized characters in the Disney universe, they’ve all been reduced to side characters not worthy of their own experience. 

But not anymore. It’s incredibly refreshing to see a new inspiring, and more realistic role model for today’s youth. The game-changing short circuit film titled Reflect is currently streaming on Disney+. It tells the story of Bianca, a young ballet dancer who “battles her own reflection, overcoming doubt and fear by channelling her inner strength, grace and power”.

The short movie starts with an overweight young woman in a dance studio in her ballet attire, warming up before class. Once her fellow dancers join her, however, she…

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