Plant Pots And Containers: Keep Them Clean To Have More Green!


By Audrey Tan

The urge to amass a collection of beautiful pots and containers for your garden is real. But there will come a time when it becomes a little too cluttered, and you’ll have to re-use what you have for your new plant friends.

Before sowing your new seeds, did you know that it is vital for your plant’s health that you first give your pots and containers a good scrub? Keep reading to find out why, and learn some valuable tips to level up your green fingers!

Why Should I Clean And Disinfect Garden Pots And Containers?

Even if the used planter “looks” clean, nasty substances may be settled on the walls and invisible to the naked eye. For instance, there may be lingering insect larvae or disease-carrying spores that can compromise your growing seedling. If you’ve been using your pot for a while, chances are the…

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