Five Amazing Books To Read In 2023


By Brazen Edwards

As the new year approaches, now is an exciting time to curl up under the covers and sink into newly released literary escapes by some of the best-selling writers of our time.

Here are five of the best reads for 2023.

Fairy Tale By Stephen King

Author Stephen King mixes it up a little with his new release, Fairy Tale. It tells the tale of a 17-year-old high school student who discovers his neighbour has a gateway to another world in the shed behind his house. It’s apparently a passion project he wrote during the pandemic set somewhere in the overlapping territories of fantasy, horror, and science fiction.

During the turbulent time of lockdowns, King asked himself what he could write that’d make him happy. According to his website, it was “As if my imagination had been waiting for the question to be asked, I…

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