Ibiza 2023: Your Essential Guide 


By Lauren Basra

Are you ready for the steady climbing beat of a DJ set under the sun and the feeling of the salty warm breeze hitting your face, coming off the island’s extensive coastline?Because Ibiza is back, baby!

This stunning holiday destination is ready for an onslaught of clubgoers and families alike. Ibiza has activities and attractions for those who desire a break in the Balearic paradise. This is only a brief dip into what this Mediterranean jewel has to offer, and there are always more secrets to discover about this magical island.

The Capital Of Dance Music

Ibiza is the world’s envy for its connection and popularisation of the dance music genre. Most DJs’ career highlights are in the clubs of Ibiza, and those who wish to party like nowhere else on Earth must take on Ibiza’s dance club scene.

Many people will have binge-watched the Netflix drama…

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