Become A Global Gourmet: Five Weird Foods To Try While Travelling


By Kelly Grigg

Alright, folks—I have a curious culinary confession to make. In 2016, deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest, while visiting a remote village… I ate grubworm. It had been cooked over a fire, tucked inside a banana leaf. Our group of six brave adventurers passed the worm around, each of us reluctantly taking a nibble off of the slimy creature before passing it on. 

Another confession! I’ll admit, it actually didn’t taste thatbad. In fact, one of our group members, a Chef from Australia, compared the flavour to soft-shell crab. The texture, however, threw me off—taut, crunchy skin on the outside (akin to taking a bite of bratwurst) with an oozing, gooey middle. I couldn’t forget that I was eating a WORM, no matter how hard I tried.

But… it’s really unfair to call any food weird, as it depends on where we’re from and what…

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