Big Benefits Of Indoor Plant Decor


By Kelly Grigg

I ventured off travelling a few years ago and let an acquaintance stay in my apartment. When I returned, her gift to me (other than maintaining my apartment splendidly) was 10 beautiful potted plants. I was overjoyed by this very generous gift—at first. But that joy quickly turned into panic. I’d seldom been successful at keeping plants alive! Would I be the same plant murderer I’d always been and waste this beautiful inheritance? Or would I have better luck this time around? 

Fortunately, my luck took a turn (give or take a few casualties), and boy, am I glad of it. I’m especially grateful now that I know more about the benefits of decorating with plants.

Warning from the author: While there are countless benefits to decorating with plants, I’d be remiss if I didn’t suggest you choose them wisely. Select them based on how much time and…

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