Why Are We Obsessed With Being Skinny?


By Brazen Edwards

When I hit middle age, one of the big revelations I had was a sense of confidence about my weight. I stopped caring what other people thought and just decided to hell with it. Life is short. I will eat what I want (within moderation), travel to exciting places and live my life how I want.

Compared to my youth, I’m no longer vulnerable to societal expectations about who I should be or what I should look like, and it’s very empowering.

Being thin is a social construct instilled in us through advertising, and misogyny convinces us that if we look a certain way and weigh less, we are more worthy of love and respect. This is simply not true.

It’s perfectly fine to feel empowered and confident in your appearance, but only applying this to thin people is a falsehood. The number on your scale isn’t…

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