How To Keep Your Plants Alive When Away


By Andrés Muñoz

Imagine that you’ve been organising a trip for the past several months. The itinerary has been arranged perfectly, and you are finally ready to begin your adventure. You giddily dance as you pack your bag and mentally prepare for whatever challenges this thrilling journey will bring. As the taxi draws up outside your house on your departure day, you stand on the doorway and shoot a final scan to your apartm- oh my goodness… the plants. 

As I mentioned in one of our articles earlier, many who are starting to live on their own prefer to (little by little) adopt slightly increasing levels of responsibility. One might say that having a pet is one level, just like a kid is definitely another.

While houseplants might be a bit lower on the totem pole of maintenance and responsibilities, they’re still vital elements of your home and, as such…

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