Why Are TikTok Dances So Addictive?


By Julie-Ann Sherlock

I like to boogie on down with the best of them on a night out, but now, with dodgy knees and a realisation that I ain’t no Michael Jackson when it comes to throwing shapes, shaking it like a polaroid picture has become less of a part of my life. But, once upon a time, I was that dancing queen, or at least I thought I was!

They say you should dance like no one is watching, but what happens when billions of people look on? No, I am not talking about the professional dancers at the Super Bowl or Olympics opening ceremony; I am referring to the trend of TikTok dances.

Average movers and groovers are now gaining worldwide audiences as they shake what their mama gave them in front of their mobile phones. And it’s not just the young ones! Shock! Horror! OLD PEOPLE…

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