Here’s Why You Should Consider Group Travel In 2023


By Do Tien Dung

First of all, why not? Right? I mean, look at all the benefits it brings even if group travelling can be difficult sometimes and violate ( just a little bit) your personal space and peacefulness. But please be honest, in the balance of things, does it really matter that much to you compared to all the fun activities, the joy, the experience, the memories, and the value having fellow travellers can bring you?

Not only will you gain richer experiences, here are some more benefits that travelling as a group can offer.

Everything Will Be Cheaper

Did you know that the cost of a single hotel room is often pretty much the same as that of a double room? It is a little bit unfair, don’t you think? Going solo can cost you more than sharing. For example, if you travel in a group of 4…

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