A Hiker’s Guide To Exquisite Austin


By Kelly Grigg

Austin, Texas, is a city that boasts almost year-round sunshine, stellar live music, delicious food (think BBQ and Tex-Mex galore!), and—you guessed it—great hiking! 

It has you covered whether you’re searching for laid-back walking trails or more challenging calf-busters. We’ve unveiled some of the best hikes the city and surrounding area have to offer. Oh—and don’t forget to pack your swimsuit (and sunscreen), as many of these hikes offer superb water features for cooling off. So lace up those trainers, and let’s go!

Twin Falls And Sculpture Falls

If you want to end your hike with a cool dip, this one’s a winner. While the trail is super close to downtown Austin, making it a quick escape, you’ll feel like you’re hours away. In addition, the path is quite long, so it’s relatively easy to find some privacy here and there.

You’ll come upon Twin Falls first…

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