Erogenous Zones 101: A Beginners Guide To Great Sex


By Ari Liakeas

Romantic relationships can be so fulfilling and bring much joy. A loving partnership should be about so much more than just sparks in the bedroom. But satisfying sex is an essential aspect of it for many of us. So how do we know if we are having great sex? Is it measured by the amount of sex we have or the number of bedpost notches? Surely not!

I have many female friends, including those in otherwise fantastic relationships, who have told me that although they have been having lots of sex, they have never ever had an orgasm. Not even with themselves.

How is this possible, and what is going on here? Can you turn dull interactions between the sheets into flaming hot sex? Here are a few ways to make intimate relationships an even more pleasurable experience. 

Get To Know Your Body And What Turns You On

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