Building The Ultimate 10-Day Mexican Getaway


By Eric Rutter

Shining as one of the crown jewels in the Western Hemisphere, Mexico is one of the top vacation destinations as we head into the tail end of 2022. For many, Mexico’s combination of pristine beaches and tasty cuisine is enough to draw the interest of travellers. For others, the old Mayan ruins throughout the country prove worthy of exploration. 

Often, the trickiest part of a Mexican vacation is choosing the right itinerary from a laundry list of choices. Let’s say you have a week and a half to spend, 10 days even. So, what do you do?

Fear not, and do not fret. This is the ultimate travel guide for a 10-day Mexican getaway. 

1st stop: Cancun – two days

Is it possible to plan the perfect Mexican holiday itinerary without including Cancun? I think not, so let’s pencil Cancun in as the first stop on your…

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