Burning The Midnight Oil: Thoughts On Work, Burnout, And Privilege


By Andrés Muñoz

The day is ending, and as the sun sets, you look at your inbox. Eight unread emails. You might think, “it’s not that much, I’ll power through them and call it a night”. You soldier on, as your job is important to you, and you want to prove you’re a motivated and productive employee.

An hour later, you’ve received a few replies, and other emails have arrived; the unread count has bumped up to twelve. What would you do? 

Drivers And Outcomes Of Exhaustion

In a harsh world where every single one of us must make ends meet with the tools we have at our disposal, the people who work the most are broadly seen as the ones who are the most ambitious, driven, and relentless in their quest to succeed in life. Should they be slighted for that? Absolutely not.

Just like the Indian parable of…

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