Disconnect To Reconnect: Why Travelling Without Our Phones Could Benefit Us


By Ari Liakeas

When I told my partner (a software engineer), who is constantly plugged into his tech, that I was going to write an article on travelling without your phone, he laughed and said: “this shouldn’t be done that’s a ridiculous concept, we use our phones for everything these days”, and yes he’s right we do! But let’s just bear in mind he’s also techy and relatively new to travelling.

True, we use our phones to book flights, store boarding passes, and map apps to find hotels or restaurants, tourist attractions and even ATMs. But, would we be lost without our phones while travelling now? Or would we become more present and pay better attention to the places we visit? Perhaps ditching the phone could open our perspectives to an entirely new way of experiencing the world?

Ditching The Digital

Coming from a Yogi outlook, I deliberately…

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