Six Weirdly Beautiful Plants That’ll Eat All Flies


By Julie-Ann Sherlock

“Get off me!” is something you can hear me whisper, utter in despair, or scream at random points of the day when flies decide that I am an appropriate place for them to land. They are highly irritating when they tickle your skin or buzz noisily in your face while you are trying to sleep. But, even more annoyingly, they spread disease.

Yeah, I can’t be dealing with these buzzy nuisances. Imagine if there was a way of reducing their numbers in your home in a natural way…

…enter carnivorous plants.

Almost like something from sci-fi, there are actually plants that eat these little bothersome bugs. (I know, they aren’t classified as bugs in biology, but they sure as heck bug me!) Let’s look at some of these brilliant botanical wonders that help cull the fly population and see which ones might work in your home.

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