Why Is Embracing Age Considered Brave For Women And Hot For Men?


By Karen Espig

Last summer, there was a flurry of drama, criticism, and you-go-girl when photos of Sarah Jessica Parker having lunch with friends circulated. She was scandalously out in public sporting grey hair! Posts on social media that weren’t shaming her were applauding her bravery. 

Yet the feeding-frenzy made no comments regarding her grey-haired (and male) lunch companion that day. Andy Cohen rightly called the paparazzi to task in a later interview.

What Is So Brave About It?

Well, my off-the-cuff response is: if people are going to maliciously attack you for going out in public with grey hair, you might feel pressured to colour it. Seriously, nobody should be shaming anyone about their physical appearance, but this is sadly the world we inhabit.

Whether it is brave or not, let’s dig a little deeper.

Gendered Ageism

The Journal of Women and Agingrecently published a study investigating why…

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