Amsterdam Bound: A Quick Guide For A Fun Vacay


By Kelly Grigg

Fresh out of college, I took my first trip to Europe and stopped in Amsterdam, not knowing what to expect other than the obvious. Amsterdam has somewhat of a… reputation. It’s impossible to hear the name and not think of certain things.

However, I was utterly blown away by the city’s beauty and diversity of attractions. Qualities surprisingly left out when friends spoke about the city. From then on, I made it my mission to mention this when talk about Amsterdam arose. “But did you know it’s also a charming and beautiful city?” I’d say, to somewhat surprised faces.

So, no matter why you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam, here’s a guide on some incredible features of this gorgeous locale!

When To Go?

As with many European destinations, Spring might be the best time to visit Amsterdam (but it’s also the most popular). The weather starts to…

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