How To Handle A Panic Attack


By Julie-Ann Sherlock

Many of us have experienced a moment in our life where we have felt a rush of fear or panic. Whether it was for a split second when you couldn’t find your phone or when something awful happened in your life, you may have felt like your world would end. 

Generally, thankfully, this passes; we calm down and get on with our lives. But sometimes, these moments can be more than just fleeting and turn into a panic attack.

Approximately 13% of people experience a panic attack during their lives. I am one of those unlucky 13. I have had a few, and they are horrendous.

What Is A Panic Attack?

I get heart palpations, dry mouth, and struggle to breathe. Some people sweat or get chills, a tingling sensation and cramps in their stomach. In extreme cases, some experience chest pain, similar to a heart…

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