Here’s Why I Don’t Regret Cheating On My Partner


By Iolee Anagnostopoulou

Of all relationship topics, few are as shrouded in stigma and question marks as cheating. The ultimate relationship violation and killer. You know that crossing that threshold means things will never, like ever, be the same again…and some do it. 

Why? Why did I do it?  Despite what the title might suggest, I’m not a terrible human being. I had never cheated before, and I don’t think I ever want to again. It’s just too much fuss and complications for the low-maintenance kind of life I want to lead. 

I made a mistake, and I’m not proud of it. BUT do I regret it? Absolutely and unapologetically not.   

Where Does Cheating Begin?

First of all, let’s define its starting point. Does it start in the bedroom or in our brains? You could be sitting right next to your boo, casually watching Netflix and having wild fantasies about…

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