This Is The Deal With Netflix And Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman”


By Andrés Muñoz

Here’s a confession: I had never been in touch with Neil Gaiman’s works, ever. It was possibly due to my fixation with JRR Tolkien and his work, or perhaps I had just never given Mr Gaiman a sporting chance. 

Either way, I’ve just binged the entire Sandman series on Netflix and am browsing for my next fix of Neil Gaiman. But… what is the deal with The Sandman, you might ask? 

Why is Gaiman asking his fans to watch the series through his social media channels? And why are there already rumours of a second season making the rounds on the internet a mere month after its release? Let’s dive into The Sandman while revealing as little about the story as possible.

Background (Light Spoilers Ahead)

The series is a gripping take on the supernatural and dark fantasy genres. Based on a comic book created by Gaiman…

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