Five Reasons For Skin Breakouts And How To Avoid Them


By Karen Espig

Most of us have had that moment when a pimple mysteriously appears front-and-centre on our faces. Often on the day of that extra-special event when photos will most definitely be taken. Or right before that nerve-wracking job interview. 

Let’s try and figure out why and hopefully stop the next outbreak in its tracks. Acne is almost always the result of blocked pores, and four main factors usually create this issue:

Hormonal Changes

These account for most breakouts during puberty and can similarly affect women during menstrual cycles, pregnancy, nursing, and menopause. Hormones directly affect the microscopic sebaceous glands in the skin that produce a waxy, oily substance (sebum) that keeps your skin moist and protected.

When there is excess sebum, the pores become blocked, resulting in a pimple or blackhead.

Very Oily Skin

Your skin type is a factor. You cannot change your genetics, but if…

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