Our Must-Watch List On Netflix For September 


By Andrés Muñoz

And so, the streaming wars begin once more. You’ve likely noticed advertising and promotions of two major series: HBO’s House of the Dragon and Amazon’s The Rings of Power. But, Netflix is still a juggernaut of its own. Although its subscriptions have dipped in the past months, the streaming giant has mastered the world of original content creation. 

Every month, the company expands its library with high-quality original content. Netflix shows obtained over 600 Primetime Emmy nominations, winning 112 of them. The company’s original films have also been successful, winning 16 Academy Awards in nine ceremonies. The Oscars won include Alfonso Cuarón and Jane Campion for Best Director, Laura Dern for Best Supporting Actress, three gripping documentary features, and more.

To offset the content leaving the platform, Netflix is launching over 80 films, tv series, documentary shows and other programmes this upcoming September. Let’s take…

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