Here’s Why You Should #AdoptNotShop When It Comes To Fur Kids 


By Ari Liakeas

Are you an animal lover and thinking of getting a new fur kid to join your family? Let’s consider why adopting is the better and more compassionate option than shopping at your local puppy farm. 

Warning: I want to apologise now to anyone reading if some of the content of this article is upsetting. It has been difficult for me to write due to being a massive animal lover and animal rights activist for years.

According to the ASPCA, around 6.3 Million dogs and cats enter animal shelters annually in the US alone, and approximately 920,000 of these beautiful creatures will be euthanized. Yes, put to death!

Although I personally disagree with it, unfortunately, this is sometimes the kindest and most humane way, as many animals in No Kill Shelters are kept in confined spaces due to overcrowding and lack of funding. These shelters’ ethos is beautiful…

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