The Ultimate Singapore Travel Guide In 2022 


By Brazen Edwards

Singapore’s name is derived from ‘Singa Pura’ (which means “Lion City”) and has much to be proud of. It’s a city filled with stunning attractions, extraordinary culinary delights, and exciting nightlife. 

Located just off the southern tip of Malaysia, this vibrant city-state boasts a beautiful blend of many cultures, all with its own unique twist. My ultimate Singapore travel guide has travel tips to help you plan your adventure, whether you’re a lover of nature, an explorer of art and culture or after the taste of authentic street food.

Art, Culture and Culinary Delights Await

If you’re interested in learning about the history of Singapore, theNational Museum of Singapore has fantastic exhibitions and artefacts. The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) is a cutting-edge art museum comprising a worldwide perspective on contemporary art through research-led and evolving curatorial practice.

Another notable museum to explore if you’re MAD…

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