Forget The Glass Skin TikTok Trend! Here’s How You Can Obtain Luminous Skin More Naturally


By Brazen Edwards

As someone who prefers to embrace ageing gracefully, my normal skincare routine is lacklustre and consists of using cleansing wipes, Cetaphil for hormonal acne (being peri-menopausal sucks) and rubbing coconut oil into my laugh lines.

Don’t roll your eyes! It works for me as people are often shocked at how young I look in my mid-40s! Let’s be honest, though, I’ve been blessed with good genes, but time is ticking, and this latest TikTok and a K-Beauty trend for “Glass Skin” piqued my interest.

As a female entrepreneur and travelling artist, I don’t really have the time or luggage space to embrace the entire 10-step regime by Soko Glam (grrrr to those pesky 100ml limits). So, I have put my own twist on this routine using natural home ingredients and products easily found on the road.

Beauty Comes From Within

Yeah, yeah, you have heard it all…

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