TikTok Trends: Pigeon Pose And Stretching On The Journey To Healing


By Ari Liakeas

We come to yoga for various reasons; to increase flexibility, gain a deeper knowledge of meditation, or start the journey of revolutionising our health and daily lives. Personally, yoga, dance, movement, and stretching have been a part of my life from a young age.

Then I took the leap and did 200 hours of registered yoga teaching training at The Zen Den Yoga School. That’s when I actually really started my healing journey from my own trauma, including childhood trauma, that I didn’t even realise I was storing in the tissues of my body and especially my hips.

I’m sure any seasoned yogi has at some point experienced intense emotional release or even tears on the mat. The yoga mat is our safe place where we have the opportunity to release and let go!

Stretching My Emotions

My teaching course was a long weekend master class…

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