Instagram Vs Reality: Is Social Media Entirely Fake? 


By Julie-Ann Sherlock

Everyone is living their best life right now. Right?Well, according to what we see on Instagram, everyone’s days are filled with glamour, glory or gorgeousness. But is everyone REALLY that beautiful, blessed and bougie? Hell no.

Most of us (well, me anyway) wake up looking like we have been dragged for about 20 miles by a donkey with a vendetta against hedges. My puffy eyes, pillow wrinkles and hair standing to attention would scare the life out of others if they had the misfortune to see me when I wake up. Thankfully, Insta isn’t in reel (sorry!) time, and we get to curate it and put our best images out there.

Instagram = BAD!

This ability to portray only the good, not the bad and the ugly, may be fake, and it sure can have adverse effects on mental health, but is it really such a…

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