Facing The Facts On The TikTok Face Taping Trend


By Karen Espig

Ah, tape. A wondrous invention used for countless tasks, but should you put it on your face? Yes, according to this TikTok trending wrinkle hack! Let’s find out if it really works.

Wrinkles result as skin ages and losses volume and elasticity. According to Penn Medicine, it has less to do with genetics and how you treat your skin right from the start.

What Is Face Taping?

There are two main methods; the first involves a band that runs from the taped areas around the back of the head (hidden under the hair); the second uses individual patches of tape on targeted areas without a band.

Both methods aim to smooth out wrinkles and create a more youthful appearance. Generally, the tape patches are worn overnight to keep the muscles of the face from moving and the skin taut.

With different kinds of tape on…

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