Rat Race You To The Top—How The Hustle Is Harmful


By Andrés Muñoz

Beep!Beep!Beep!The alarm goes off as you start another day of what many now call the grind. Whether you are an entrepreneur pushing your business to the top, or an executive at a big corporation, there’s a delicate balance between being a hard and effective worker and being a servant of “hustle culture”.

The insane belief that your life isn’t moving forward unless you dedicate 100% of your body, mind, time to getting a better job, a bigger paycheque and nothing else.

Work To Live, Don’t Live To Work

For many, part of their world orbits around the consumption of goods. The more income you have to purchase said goods, the more successful you appear, whether you want to treat yourself, your family, or anyone you might care about. However, the constant and relentless search for something better, something bigger, is an unhealthy celebration of how people are…

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