Five Tips For Keeping Your Plant Babies Alive And Thriving!


By Elaine George

Believe it or not, plants need the same amount of attention and commitment as most other living beings on this planet! They add beauty, interest, and even cleaner air to your home, but caring for your house plants, window boxes, or perhaps a garden comes with responsibility. 

Taking care of them, nurturing them, and giving them a high quality of life allows them to grow into healthy and happy plants and may extend their lifespan. But, the level of care required varies depending on the type you own. Some need lots of water, sun, and pruning, while others, such as succulents, are pretty independent and can thrive with minimal intervention.

Keeping this in mind, here is a generalised “how to” for keeping your plant babies alive!

The Water Of Life

Over and under-watering are two common issues when it comes to the responsibility of plant care!


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