Here’s Why You Should Not Support A Dog Breeder 


By Brazen Edwards

Dog breeding is a business practice that profits from the reproductive systems of dogs when there’s already an overpopulation of abandoned and unwanted animals in our society. Additionally, some breeding standards also exacerbate health problems purely for aesthetics, which is just cruel when it results in a poor quality of life.  

I’ve owned and rescued many dogs in my lifetime. When I was 8, my first dog was a Bichon Frise/Poodle cross and was named after my favourite singer at the time, Chaka Khan (oh, the 80s were a wonderful era!). She was a brilliant and lively little pup. I dressed her up in baby onesies and confided my secrets to her. As an only child, Chaka Khan was like a sibling.

I think everyone should experience the joy of raising an animal and the absolute devotion pets bring into our lives. But looking back, I now…

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