Ketamine Therapy 101: A Beginner’s Guide


By Julie-Ann Sherlock

These days, taking care of your overall well-being and mental health has become something people are more willing to talk about, seek help, and deal with, rather than just struggle alone.

I previously spoke about my Postpartum Depression and other moments in my life where I have had to seek professional help to deal with issues surrounding my mental health. Thankfully, I have, for the most part, overcome them and am generally as happy as it is possible for any person to be.

Others are not so lucky. Over 280 million people worldwide live with depression in some form.

For those struggling, please, please, believe me, it can and does get better if you can tap into the right services and/or find the medication. And remember, you are not alone or an anomaly if you have mental health problems.

One of the newest therapies being explored…

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