The Top Five Most Popular Hotels On Instagram


By Ari Liakeas

We all love a good vacation, and finding a lovely place to spend a few days of relaxation is part of the fun. And if you are a travel blogger or influencer working on getting the word out about the amazing places and experiences you encounter, Instagram is the No.1 social platform. It is perfect for reaching so many people looking to be inspired for their next vacation adventure.

Being such a visual forum with a user-friendly ability to share photos and videos, Instagram can really glamourise and show off the beauty of a location.

It can have a massive impact on the hospitality industry and especially on hotels seeking to reach a worldwide audience and lure holidaymakers to come and stay at their resorts.

Many hotels use Instagram to promote their businesses with paid Ads and giveaway promotions. Some work hand-in-hand with influencers and celebrities…

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