Rainbow Washing: History, Origins, And How Companies Can Really Help


By Andrés Muñoz

The summer has arrived, and along with it, millions of members of the LGBTIQA+ community, activists, and allies gather to celebrate Pride Month. Just like Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and other seasonal celebrations that promote the rights and visibility of specific (often marginalised) members of society, Pride Month happens in the United States and many other countries in June. 

Unfortunately, many corporations use Pride to simply change their logo to a rainbow-coloured one, claiming to be LGBTIQA+ allies, when in reality, many don’t take any real actions to help advance the issues faced by those in the community.

This practice is known as rainbow washing.

But why is pride month in June? Where does the rainbow flag come from? What documented cases of rainbow washing have there been, and how can companies really help make a difference?

When I was asked to write this article…

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