Travel Is A Privilege Not Everyone Gets To Enjoy


By Andrés Muñoz

Privilege. An indicator of socioeconomic inequalities present in our society. Some people benefit while others don’t have the same opportunities or have them outright denied. These inequalities usually stem from generational and intercultural factors that, regrettably, are deeply rooted in the fabric of our society. One of these inequalities is the access to travel.

Many of us read the tales of countless travel bloggers and Instagrammers who travel around the world for a living. We watch photos of them in India, then in Australia a month later and in San Francisco a month after that. They constantly preach to their audience that a globe-trotting lifestyle is available to everyone; all you have to do is work hard for it.

And we wonder… “How do they actually do it”?

While many might be hard workers who hustle and grind their way through the world, some might come from…

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