Faking It: The Harsh Truth About The Faux-Selfie


By Karen Espig

I don’t know about you, but I find it disturbing looking at many of my friends’ “improved selfies” on social media. So much so that I have adjusted notifications to avoid viewing them.

It started out innocently enough—cat ears and whiskers, a funny hat—but some have permanently adopted the oversized eyes, full lips and air-brushed complexions. It causes me to worry about them; it makes me sad. Beauty is a broad spectrum, and these filters and unrealistic distortions narrow that spectrum into something I don’t even recognise.

Altered photos are not new. We have been subjected to them via television, print, and now, digital media for our entire lifetime. What is new is that the software is no longer in the domain of corporations and advertising agencies. It is literally in our own hands via the smartphone. The upside to this is, of course, that we…

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