Here’s How To Plan A Trip To Europe With Bae


By Kelly Grigg

You’re doing it! You’re taking the plunge and going to Europe with bae! Romantic gondola rides in Venice and wine-filled meals at quaint cafes await you! Grab your tickets and hop on that plane to your ecstasy-filled journey that will be as memorable as your first kiss. 

But wait. It’s not that easy. Stress, fights, discomfort and—yikes!—even breakups can ensue when you travel unprepared. You don’t have to go overboard, but some simple steps can ensure you and your boo have a wonderful time abroad. Here’s what to consider while planning your first or even your 15th holiday together.

What Kind Of Trip Do You Both Desire?

First thing’s first—where should you go? Europe is a large continent with a vast melange of destinations, all offering unique experiences. An excellent pointer is to write down your top 10 European destinations separately and read them aloud. Then, if…

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