Tongue Scraping: A Trend You Should Try


By Karen Espig

It may sound a bit like a mediaeval torture technique, but tongue scraping can be a simple, painless, and effective part of your oral healthcare. And, since there are over 81 million searches on this topic on TikTok, I think we need to find out more!

It may surprise you to know that tongue cleaning has been a much-used practice for centuries in Europe and has been traced back over 3000 years to India. It is part of the alternative medical practice of Ayurveda and is called Jihwa Prakshalana. In Ayurvedic medicine, the tongue’s health is thought to reflect the health of the whole body and tongue cleaning is believed to remove ama (or accumulated toxins).

So, you see, it is not some new-fangled trend!

Are There Any Benefits?

Tongue scraping removes bacteria, food particles and dead cells from the tongue’s surface that may appear…

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