Why Are Animals So Popular On Social Media?


By Karen Espig

It is impossible to miss the abundance of adorable animal photos and videos on the various social media platforms.

Pet owners even curate accounts for their fur babies, creating online animal stars. But why are they so popular? Let’s take a deeper look.

The Smile Factor

This tops my list. Whether you laugh and smile at horses yawning, goats talking, or fluffy kittens playing, viewing content that has no goal beyond cheering you up is a wonderful way to spend your social media time.

Laughter has proven health benefits both short and long term, including improving mood, reducing stress and anxiety, boosting the immune system, and decreasing pain. When we laugh, we increase our oxygen intake, stimulating the heart and lungs, allowing our bodies to work effectively. It relaxes our muscles, relieves stress and even burns calories!

Human And Animal Bonding

Humans are social creatures…

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