The Multivitamin Lowdown: Are YOU down?


By Kelly Grigg

I learned a tonne from my nutrition professor in college, but one thing he repeatedly said seriously stood out. He impressed upon the lecture hall that if you eat a balanced diet, complete with plenty of fruits and veggies, you do NOT need to take a multivitamin. 

I also had a chiropractor ask me once, “If you’re deficient in vitamin D, why bother taking a multivitamin? You only need vitamin D.” 

At the time, the advice from these professionals went against everything I’d ever known about multivitamins. Since my childhood days of Flinstones vitamins (which seemed like a treat because they tasted like candy), I’d thought this supplement was a dietary necessity.

In researching this article, I now understand the advice I was given years ago. Read on to find out if a multivitamin is right or necessary for YOU.

What Is A Multivitamin?

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