TikTok Beauty Trends Are Toxic As Hell


By Iolee Anagnostopoulou and Martina Sala

As a ’90s kid, I played with dolls and action figures, read magazines and comic books, or played outdoors with the neighbourhood kids. It’s not that we didn’t have any screen time, but it was limited, and anything apart from cartoons and Disney movies needed our parents’ approval.

Today’s youngsters have smartphones and can access online content from an early age. These kids literally haven’t known a world without the internet, but can they protect themselves from its dark side?

Social media especially has been under fire over the past decade, mainly for its toxic impact on young people’s mental health and self-image. Enter TikTok, one of the youth’s most popular online connection and video content platforms. Unlike the celebrity-saturated Instagram, TikTok is filled with everyday people criticising or praising their image and encouraging viewers to participate in questionable beauty trends.

Young people putting…

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