Have ADHD? These Coping Strategies Might Help


By Karen Espig

If you have ADHD, life can be a bit more challenging, particularly when it comes to focusing and getting things done. But it does not mean you have to give up. It just means you will get things done differently. Nothing at all wrong with that. It’s about finding your strengths and the strategies that support them.

Many tips and tools are available aside from the obvious (and often effective) choices of pharmaceuticals and/or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Below are a few ideas; try those that match your particular needs or pique your interest.

Plan Your Day

Start the day with a clear idea of your priorities and create a schedule. If you have one large task, break it down into multiple smaller units, ideally into chunks taking no more than 25-30 minutes. It might seem restrictive to do this, but focus on the reward…

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